What We Do

Welcome to Iconic CBD.

We are manufacturers of high-quality CBD products, including oils, sprays, edibles, E liquids and a skincare range.

We manufacture in the UK using only high quality CBD isolate, produced in Colorado in the United States.

All of our products are independently lab tested for strength and purity by Adact Medical. These test certificates are always available on our website.

Each batch of CBD is tested to ensure it  does not exceed the legal maximum level of THC.

Our CBD oils are offered in a range of strengths and flavours to cater for all tastes. Our sprays are also available in a variety of versions, and are ideal for those who prefer the convenience that a spray offers.

For those who prefer to take the CBD as an edible we have capsules in a choice of strengths, along with both regular and vegan gummies.

We also have a range of E liquids in a choice of fabulous flavours, again in various strengths.

For the skin, we have one of the best CBD balms on the market. There is also a body butter to add to your daily skincare regime. If you are sporting a beard, why not use our CDB beard control? For those looking to care for a new tattoo, give our CBD Ink Butter a try.

We sell our products directly to market via our website. However, we have great wholesale deals for those looking to offer CBD products as part of their current range.

And finally, as manufacturers, we don’t just sell our great products under the Iconic CBD brand. If you have a current brand, or would like to develop one, all of our products are available as a white label version. We can supply you with an branded product, or even develop a brand identity for you.

We typically ship for next day delivery when items are held in stock. We also believe that our after sales service is second to none.

There are so many reasons to choose Iconic CBD. Contact us today.