40% CBD Oils

View our range of 40% CBD Oils below and buy online. We offer fast and secure shipping so your oils will be with you in no time! 40% is the highest strength CBD oil we stock and is therefore recommended only for the more confident and experienced CBD users. Our 40% CBD Oils is currently only available in a citrus flavour.

All our CBD products are manufactured in the UK where they are also third party tested to ensure potency and quality. We also ensure that all our CBD products comply with the UK laws by containing less than 0.2% THC.

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What does the 40% mean?

CBD doesn’t naturally come in oil form and therefore requires a carrier oil (we use MCT oil as the carrier oil) in which CBD concentrate is added. The percentage refers to the amount of CBD content compared with the carrier oil.

In our 40% range the ingredients are 40% CBD to 60% MCT oil. This is also sometimes referred to as 4000mg/10ml.

How to take 40% CBD Oil?

The recommended dosage for CBD oil 40% is 2-3 drops, with a maximum of 15 drops per day. The most common way is to let the drops dissolve under your tongue, leaving the oil in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing.

Is 40% CBD oil right for me?

40% CBD oils are for more experienced CBD users who require a higher dosage in order to

This can depend on a few things such as your body weight and individual body chemistry affect how you tolerate CBD. If you are an experienced consumer and have been building up your % dosage of CBD and have tolerated a lower strength such as 30% CBD oil, moving up to take a 40% dosage would be recommended and right for you. If you experience any negative side effects from a higher dosage oil it is recommended to start taking a lower dosage.

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